High End Remodeling Show Case: the Barn Project



To give an impression of the type of work that our clients hire the Foreman Builders team to do on the remodeling side of our business, here is an example:

the Barn Project.

The black & white photos are pictures that our client gave us with the following assignment:

“My wife grew up on this barn. Rebuild this historic barn that she has nostalgic memories of. That is…. I want you to rebuilt the outside, but with a nice ‘man-cave’ on the inside.”


We tried to do the Before-After pictures shown here on this web-page from the same angle, but there is another building blocking the way in one of these angles. But you should be able to see that we created a near exact replica.

Look at the details of the woodwork and the windows

Would you like to have a man-cave like this?


Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service. It's rare in this world and always appreciated.

Danny and Retha

We just want to thank you for the beautiful job you and your crew have done for us. This was a wonderful experience! Working with you has been a delight.

Randy and Mary

We asked Foreman Builders to replace our kitchen cabinets and countertops. We were please with the reasonable quote and were referred to a supplier. The work was completed in a timely manner and we were completely satisfied with the results. It was a pleasure to work with Tony Foreman's crew. Thank you for a job well done.

Roger and Coral