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Historic Project 2022


Besides refreshing the look, historic renovations often mean no visual alterations on the front of the home.

"The historic character of a property shall be retained and preserved" (Virginia Department of Historic Resources)


Backside before

Even though it is not recognizable as the same spot, it is!
We tore down this hunk of a garage, refurbished the brick back to original, the visible door became a window. Yes, the roofline changed on the rear to add another bedroom (this was allowed because it it not visible from the front of the structure) and added a stairwell and elevator.

Backside after

Kitchen before

A remodel within remodel: replacing the old kitchen with a much bigger new one. The walls were removed to create an open living space and we added a new window. We also added a custom island with a hood.

Kitchen after

Front Door inside before

Here we were asked to optimize the space for the modern convenience of a coat closet. We kept the front door and refurbished the floor.

Front Door inside after

Great Room before

Besides changing the faced and adding a gas fireplace, we had to rewire all the lights and brought all electric up to code.

Great Room after

Upstairs before

Here we removed the divider wall you see on the right to make a bigger room, then turned the lower elevations into closet space.

Upstairs after

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