Stage 1 of the Foreman Builders Dream-Home Design-Build Signature Process

Educate Step 1: Location

The first main stage of Education is broken into 3 steps. The first one is ‘Location’….

What our education on 'Location' entails, is that we will explore all the pros and cons of each location, especially the building pitfalls.

We will walk the lot with you for potential house locations and orientations and explain how these choices impact your options and views on that lot.

Educate step 2: Financial

In the financial step of our signature system we explain you how the process of a construction loan works, or maybe you want to use our network of trusted financial institutions as we have developed a very good relationship with the local lenders in the last 30 years.

They know the value of a Foreman home!

This will also give you a good idea of establishing what can be your budget.

Do you know all your financing options? We can help you walk through them.

Educate Step 3: Builder Choice

What is perhaps the most important in the education stage is the step we call ‘Builder Choice’.

From how many rooms and what type, to the types of brick and the finish of your floors, the total number of choices you have to make can be overwhelming

Typical Custom Home Sales process

You see, there are multiple ways to design and budget for a custom home. After all this process can be very overwhelming, it is therefore that many builders have decided to give their prospects the bare bones square footage price for the major options their clients pick, and then later in the process, offer options that they assumed the clients didn’t want, but that will then be up-selling opportunities.

For most builders, that is the stage where they can rebuild their margins.

At Foreman Builders we decided to go the other way, and spend more time up front designing and weeding through the main options and features, starting with the assumption that our clients want a luxurious package that avoids the need to up-sell.
We think you don’t like surprises of the ‘that was not in the budget’ kind. The drawback of our approach? We might look a bit more expensive up front, and it maybe takes a bit more time before we start the actual building. 

But the feedback of our clients has been overwhelmingly positive on this approach.

A different approach: give an as realistic price possible up front