Customizable Features

Building a custom home is much more than picking your floorplan, and maybe even tweaking this floorplan by adding and moving some rooms.  No, almost every element in the house can be done your special way, and over time we have seen quite a number of unique requests for customizable features.  

On this page, we will present a random sample of those customizable elements, with links to blog posts where we explore those customizable features in more depth.

We hope that these elements will inspire you to come up with your wish-list for your Dream home!

Aging in Place Elements

If you are looking to build your Forever Home; it makes a lot of sense to add those elements that makes Aging in Place part of your design.

Aging in Place Shower

Mudroom Cubbies

A functional area to collect and find all the things as we come and go.

In Law-Suites

As assisted living costs continue to rise, older Americans are choosing to move in with their children and grandkids. Instead of taking the spare bedroom upstairs, they’re moving into their own private in-law suite, which are usually custom-built home additions, though converted garages, basements and stand alone guest houses are also common. 

In-Law Suite

Pet Space

Even Fido can have an area of his own with a dog wash station, built in dishes and even a cozy safe place. For many the pet space is seen as an extension of the mud room, keeping wet muddy paws contained.

Built in Cabinetry

Make use of otherwise dead space with a well thought under-stairwell space or
make great use of family room wall space with custom cabinets with window seats and even storage above the windows.

Outdoor Living Area

Make the chef’s grilling dream come true with an extraordinary outdoor living area

Custom Garage

At Foreman Builders, unless a homeowner requests differently, we include in pricing, garages that are fully insulated, trimmed and painted, complete with  insulated doors and openers. Custom features can include cabinetry, storage, sealed, concrete or epoxy floors, HVAC Mini-split to climatize the space as well as a car charging station.

custom garage
custom floor plan

Unique Floor Plan

At Foreman Builders, you can come to us with anything ranging from a drawing on a napkin to a professionally drawn out plan from an architect. We work with a team of plan designers and architects to help your dreams become a reality. 

Man Cave

Per Webster the definition of man cave is a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities. The room can be tailored to individual interests and hobbies.

in house theatre

She  Room or "She Shed"

If cooking is not her thing, there is always the craft room, atelier or other dedicated space to make it a ladies haven.

Kitchen Features that are trending

We could fill many pages about the elements that are put in the custom designed kitchen but for this blog we will limit ourselves to the ones that are trending. From minimalism, smart technology, colors and sustainable materials, you can find it all here.

Flooring and more

There is a lot possible with flooring, both in terms of materials, patterns and textures...

The many options for Windows 

The number of options when picking windows for your custom home can be overwhelming. You have shapes, materials and more to pick from. In this article we present an overview.

Interior Doors

Just like there are many options for Windows, Interior Doors are another realm of options in itself. In this blog we give you an overview of what options you should consider.

Other Custom Options 

Here is a list of other custom elements that people sometimes wish they had thought of when designing the home of their dreams. Things like heated floors, concealed safe, a workshop, heated driveway and so on.