Why Us

You probably have browsed multiple websites, from multiple home builders that say they build custom homes. Without exception, they all will claim high quality. This raises the question, WHY would you take Foreman Builders as the builder of choice for your custom home?

Although we can give many reasons, here are the three main reasons that makes us different from other Home Builders in our area.

  • Process
  • Quality
  • Budgeting method
Let’s look at each of these three reasons in a bit more detail

Our Process   

Building a true custom home means you are faced with a massive number of choices and decisions that determine the result. Forman Builder’s process of discovering every wish in a very guided, step by step fashion prevents it from becoming overwhelming.
Our philosophy is ‘Just take a deep breath, let us make it fun.  Let us make it an exciting, stress free journey.’
The amount of personal attention varies upon our customer’s desires. You have all the choices you can imagine over every element of the home and each finish; we do not ask you to select from a predefined set of options

Most of our clients considered us their friends when they received the keys to their home due to the close relationships that were developed during this process.

The Foreman Process

clean job site

We are known for our clean construction sites

Foreman Builders Quality

While anyone can claim quality, we will always use the best materials and products that are available within your budget. Materials used in a Foreman home are consistently above ‘builder grade’.
Maybe even more important than materials used is the question: ‘Who are the subcontractors that are working with your building team?’

  • All of our subcontractors are highly rated, reflecting our culture of being professional and courteous in their interaction with clients.
  • Our subcontractors have multiple crews that can handle any workload in a timely manner.
  • Each of them have a 24/7 answering service available to handle warranty issues in the rare case that any arise.

We at Foreman Builders are very grateful to work with such high-quality subcontractors!
To make sure that our clients get what they want, we do more walk-throughs with our homeowners than most and our team performs daily site inspections. Our confidence in the craftmanship of your home is backed up by our two-year warranty.

Let our references speak for the quality of a Foreman Home!

Our ‘Give the real budget upfront’ model

To keep the home building process simple, as well as looking competitive to you, it is customary for some in the industry to offer a low budget price for the home based on the assumption that you will choose standard options during the building process. When you discover you want different options, the result is expensive change orders.
Let’s give an example, an ‘industry standard’ budget will assume ‘standard hollow interior doors’ but most custom home owners desire to invest in
‘solid core doors’ to enhance their privacy and safety. Your choice of solid doors would not have been in the originally quoted lower budget, therefore, these doors will require (a potentially expensive) change order.

 At Foreman Builders, we work hard to avoid having change orders, therefore we try to capture all of your selections first, so that your initial budget is extremely close to the actual finished price. This process is initially slower but our clients like it that they have the true price of their dream home in advance.

Get the full budget upfront to avoid expensive change orders

multiple walkthroughs

Questions? We love to provide you with answers.