Realtor Testimonials

Not all realtors like to work with a (custom) home builder for reasons such as their assumption that the home buying process is much more work for them, or they have to wait longer to receive their money, or with some builders they get less of a percentage than selling an existing home. Other realtors that just focus on what their clients want,  will nevertheless work with a new home builder when they believe that is what their client wants, but they still can have those same fears.

Foreman Builders is fully aware of these perceptions, and has a system to effectively address them. If you are a realtor that wants to know more regarding our process with realtors, contact us.

These realtors recently did work with us, and these are their testimonials:


"As a realtor and former custom home builder, I regularly work with clients who trust me to help them through the process of choosing a contractor to build their new home. I rely on and appreciate Foreman Builders for their many year of experience, expertise, and commitment to quality. Tony Foreman runs his company with unbeatable ethics and customer service. He's the premier builder in the Winchester area for sure!"

Lori Bales

"Foreman Builders is not your typical builder. Tony Foreman is involved in every project he takes on-on site, responsive and detailed. As a Realtor, we highly recommend Tony and his team. They are fair and honest and build an incredible home."

Ed Chapman