Our Story

Our Story

At Foreman Builders we always say that we build custom homes one relationship at a time. The client-builder relationship is the single most important criteria for success. Choosing a custom home builder you trust, like working together with, and can easily communicate with is vital to having a successful building experience. 

Providing Excellence in Quality, Integrity and Value

How to select a Builder for your Custom Home

Imagine giving two sets of identical floor plans to two different builders, will you then end up with two identical homes?  
The answer is: ‘only identical from a distance’.  After close inspection you would already see some differences in quality but wait ten years and compare the two homes again and the difference might be striking since materials and construction methods used were not defined by the plans and specifications you brought with you.

Now imagine that you visited those two builders, not knowing yet exactly how your dream home has to look. The difference in the end will now be even more striking as each builder has their own method of determining how to extract your wishes from you.

This means that when making the significant investment in building your dream home, choosing your builder is going to be of the utmost importance.

Discovering Foreman Builders

In other words, you want to know ‘who is Foreman Builders’?

Foreman Builders strives to be the premier Custom Home Builder in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Our custom homes are designed from the ground up, meeting our clients’ wants, needs, expectations and dreams. And this, is our story!

Our Beginning

Tony began in the home construction business as a house framer in Northern Virginia. His company Foreman & Sons had over 50 employees and framed quality homes in that area. He missed his home area of Winchester and decided to move his family back to enjoy the calmer pace of Frederick County. That move brought the change of name to the business, becoming Foreman Builders, inc.

Reputation for High Quality

Initially, Foreman Builders built some custom homes but mostly quality production homes in and around the area. Yet Tony realized he wanted to build more than custom production homes, he wanted to build fully custom homes. The reputation for high quality was established. The recession in the late 2000’s was devastating for the construction industry. Yet with God’s grace and thanks to his reputation, Foreman Builders was one of the few fortunate local builders not having to endure bankruptcy. At that time, Tony began building custom homes on rural lands.

Interior Home Design

Building a Custom Home

Custom Kitchen Design

What is a Custom Home?

A custom home is not just a unique home you choose, but a home that is your ideal design that has all the features, details and conveniences that you desire, with the highest quality of products and craftsmanship, within your budget!

Tony realized that other “custom” home builders were only taking the homeowners’ selected design into consideration during the building process and not educating nor helping discover the exact functions, features and designs desired in their home. On top of that, homes were being built using builder grade materials only meeting building codes.

The Foreman Process: The Golden Rule

Although there is nothing wrong with only building to codes, Tony realized that the ways of the industry did not meet the golden rule of “Do to others, as you want done to yourself.” He implemented the Foreman Builders Process to accommodate higher quality products and construction methods; included an-depth process for guided selections and communication, as well as added an in-house CAD designer. After all, this is what he would want for himself. He also realized that unless a customer changes their mind, they should always stay within their quoted budget. He experienced that his customers really appreciate if someone guides them step-by-step through the entire process with as much relevant, practical information as possible.

The Foreman System

The quality of your Custom Home is as good as the quality of your Sub-contractors

Lastly, Tony realized that he needed to surround himself with subcontractors that shared most of his values, especially regarding quality. They all have to be licensed and insured, as well as have a fixed office with customer support available 24/7. It is telling that most subcontractors have been working with Foreman Builders for longer than ten years.

What is true for the subcontractors is also true for Tony’s direct team: each employee has a reputation for craftmanship and an eye for detail and always being friendly and respectful while dealing with others, let alone a customer of Foreman Builders.

There is no doubt: Foreman Builders has become the Premier Custom Home builder that he and his team set out to be.

Are you looking for Excellence in Quality Integrity and Value?