Building your Custom Home

Stage 3 of the Foreman Builders Dream-home Design-Build Signature Process

Welcome to third section of explaining our process. In this section I will explain the ‘Build phase’ of the Foreman Signature process of getting our clients into the home of their dreams. As you recall, the process had three main stages: Educate – Design – then Build.

Personal Shopper

Build Step 7: Selections

In order to make it easy to go through the selections process we provide a personal selections coordinator.

We provide a package with selection stages and potential vendors, to go through the 3 different phases of doing selections, all conscious of your budget.

Your personal selections coordinator will educate you on your product, warranties and fit in your lifestyle.

The coordinator will create a colored portfolio of your selections for you to review and approve, and for the builder to order.

selections made

Build Step 8: Staying on Schedule

We request at least 4 personal walk-throughs so you can keep a finger at the pulse of all three different stages. 

While your house is being built, we will provide full web based access to anything that is happening to your house using our portal. This way you can see all the specs, all selections you made, exactly what is going on in the building site like you see here

multiple walkthroughs

We educate about every aspect of your house during the walk-throughs

progress report

Customer portal, here showing 360 degree images of what is behind your drywall

hand over on time on budget

The sub-contractors will explain your home's systems to you themselves

Build Step 9: Keys in Hand

After the final walk-through in which we demonstrate how everything functions the exiting moment has arrived, the handover of the house!

With the keys, we also hand over the warranty booklet, and the 2 years access to the portal but now from a warranty perspective.

Warranty booklet

dreamhome delivered

A Dreamhome delivered - on time - on budget !