Stage 2 of the Foreman Builders Dream-home Design-Build Signature Process

Welcome to the explanation of the ‘Design phase’ of the Foreman Signature process of getting our clients into the home of their dreams. As you recall, the process had three main stages: Educate – Design – then Build.

The design phase is broken into three smaller steps so that you can easily follow what is going on in order to find the right balance between a smooth process, not overloading you, but still giving you every opportunity to make your wishes very clear upfront, avoiding costly budget changes or regrets later.

client interview

In our first actual consultation meeting, we get to know you and your dreams and desires, and give you some rough numbers on how these needs can impact the budget. Based on that information we help you pick or custom design, your floorplan. Well, actually, since we have an in house designer, we help you select your floor plan elements, as your dream-home might be designed from a combination of several floor plans that you have seen.
Ultimately, we will get to what we call the ‘final floorplan’, and of course the ‘final budget’ that goes along with it.

Design Step 4: Consult

We want to explore the thoughts that you have about your dream home.

Usually you will do most of the talking, we will just ask questions to get clarity on what you want, like number of bedrooms, overall lay out and some major needs that you could have such as ‘wheel chair accessible’, or ‘must have a big central open kitchen…’

if you did not come to us with a plan yourself (many people bring their own plans, or sketches of their ideas) at the end of this meeting we will be able to guide you where and how you can find the right type of floorplans to explore for yourself.

We will also know the estimated square footage and we will be able to tell you if we realistically can design your home within the budget that you have, - including realistic allowances that we have based on what others tend to spend on homes in the same price range.

Design Step 5: Floorplan Selection

This means more than just what rooms you want where. In fact we go through the plans you selected, and room by room we will explore what you want.
Now our clients will often combine elements from different floorplans to make something that will be unique to them.  So this is actually where the main difference between tweaking a so called spec home and a true custom build home becomes clear.
We will explain the implications of your design choices, such as
architectural consequences and how they fit in the code.

Drawings are made; square footage and budget impact is calculated and maybe you need another meeting to process your thoughts and make some decisions.

Design Step 6: Final Floorplan

It will start to feel much more specific in the 3rd and final phase of the Foreman Signature process which is called ‘the Final Floorplan’…

Our custom designer will create your drawings, accompanied with a final budget. 

Unless you change your mind, there will be no unwanted budgeting surprises during the build stage when you have completed this phase.
floorplan of the belmar