The Man Cave

Why a Man Cave?

At the core, a man cave is a place that he can be himself surrounded by the items he is passionate
about. It’s an area he can mark as his own territory and stake his claim. It’s a space where he can
express himself and his conquests.

What does the room offer?

It’s a sanctuary where he can be in a different mindset without the daily worries and rigors of the
outside world. It can be a place to unwind, reflect, pray and recharge all designed just the way he wants.
Every man cave tells a story about the owner. It tells his style, his hobbies and his passions. It gives him a
space to display trophies, plaques, memorabilia, and medals.


Popular areas for a man cave include the rec room in the basement, a study, extra bedroom, loft, garage
or even shed. Many spaces can be dual purpose.

Need a space to mix work with your passion? That can be in the Man Cave as well.

If golf is his sport, the man cave is a perfect place for a putting green. If budget is no option, a golf
simulator is a great choice. We will make sure that the ceiling height is adequate for your golf simulator!

If movies, TV or watching sporting events are his passion, a room of theater seating, large screens and
sound proofing may be in order.

It will be much more cost effective to design this before the house is build to take care of the spatial needs, acoustics, lighting and wiring than afterwards.

If listening to or creating music is his thing, instruments can be displayed for easy access.  This means you want us to take care of soundproofing and maybe acoustics. 

Don’t worry ladies, as many men have Man Caves, the “She Shed” or “She Room” is just for you.

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