Custom Built-in Cabinetry

Custom built in cabinetry can be used in any part of the house, whether it may be a study, home office, library, or common spaces like kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms to personal spaces like bedrooms and craft rooms. They provide ingenious ways to convert an often unwanted space in the house such as under the stairs, a corner or basement into a whole new area. They are a great way to add functionality and character to any room. Custom built-in cabinets and bookshelves bring the utility of increased function to your home, along with value and charm.

Custom cabinets can match to the exact measurements of your room. Whether you decided to buy cabinets for your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom it’s really crucial they’ll fit exactly into their space. They shouldn’t impede your workflow. With custom cabinets, you’ll forget about such problems as unconventional measurements. Their installation guarantees that every item will fit perfectly. With fully custom cabinets everything is made considering all requirements and needs. All your wishes are taken into account.


custom cabinetry

In any home, the kitchen is usually one of the most important rooms to create. To create balance in the kitchen, different features can be incorporated such as glass doors and open shelves.

custom cabinetry


The home office is one of the most common areas where built in bookshelves are used by providing a venue to creatively personalize the space by showcasing accessories.

Specialty Areas

Custom Cabinetry

Room corners can be turned into a charming work space. Bonus rooms transpire to cozy reading nooks. Small bedrooms transformed to a kid’s dream with built-in beds.

Entertainment Area 

custom cabinetry

Custom built-ins as an entertainment center can help hide away electronics as well as provide a space to display your favorite artwork or memorabilia. Bookshelves, drawers and cabinets can provide optimum storage organization and capacity.

Under Stairs      

custom cabinetry

The space under a stairs is usually a neglected part of the house. By putting built in shelving or a desk, you can easily convert this awkward area into functional storage or a practical office space.


custom cabinetry

Built in bookshelves are a simple way enhance a blank wall – flanking a fireplace, over a doorway, under a window. The opportunities are endless.

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