Custom Garage

When you choose to build a custom home with Foreman Builders, we go above and beyond to make your home, your dream home. The garage is no different. An often forgotten customizable area of the home is the garage. Your garage can be an efficient, functional area for work, autos, household storage, yard items and even a “man cave”.
If your house plans include a garage, the standard Foreman Builders’ process is to insulate, drywall, trim and paint the garage, complete with an insulated door. This helps create an energy efficient space which is especially important if there is living space above the garage.

Garage Door

Your garage door isn’t only one of the most noticeable exterior features of your home, it provides a critical layer of security to the space and your home. Things to take into consideration include material, security features, and energy efficiency.

Garage Flooring

If your budget allows, your garage floor can be sealed or coated to provide a more finished look.

Heating and Cooling

As an option for your garage, we can add a Heating and Cooling Mini-Split unit to keep your space comfortable through the seasons.


Custom cabinetry can be installed to create the perfect work area and storage for your needs.


Over Head Storage

Creating over head storage is truly the key to utilizing unused ceiling space. Over head storage has its benefits: inaccessible to children and pets, added floor space, and added floor space are just a few.

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