She Room / She Shed

We have all heard of the Man Cave. The newest escape to be added to a custom home
is dedicated space for the “She Room or She Shed”. What exactly is a She Room?
Basically, it’s a dedicated space, inside or outside the home, to work on what makes her
happy. Whether it’s a place to relax, work, read, craft, sleep, or just sit and do nothing,
it’s her space.

During the building process we can ensure the features you would like to include in your
She Room, whether completed now or in the future, are planned. If it’s a craft room, we
can ensure extra lighting, work area and storage space. If it’s a space to relax or
meditate, we can ensure all lighting are on dimmers. For reading, we can plan for light
fixtures in just the right places.

Craft Room

Ample built-in storage and lighting


Lighting installed to light specific areas with the ability to dim, if desired.


A space to mix pleasure with work. Built in shelving to help organize life.

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