The Modern Farmhouse Keeps Growing

Every year brings a new set of fashion trends. Some of them will stick around, but there are others we just can’t embrace. While some fashionistas want to veer toward contemporary chic, even more recognize that the Modern Farmhouse style that keeps growing.

The Modern Farmhouse style emerged after the housing bubble burst in 2008. Just like the crash of the late 1980s when shabby chic became popular.  America needed a new look, one that could be achieved at all price points and would be durable both physically and through design trends, reinventing a home that would give the heartfelt homestyle that rustic decor presents.  

The Modern Farmhouse brings a sense of textures—mixtures of metals, wood, pottery, textiles, and natural elements.  The Modern Farmhouse is here to stay, because it’s personal and inviting.  Foreman Builders, Inc. offers many Farmhouse Floor Plans to choose from to make your house feel like Home.Enter your text here...

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