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You do not want a ‘just adequate’ dream home

Why quality Custom home builders have a signature system

Imagine that you are in the market for a custom home…. If any of the following three common frustrations sound familiar to you then this is the article you need to read.

Every custom home builder will promise to build you, within budget, the house of your dreams,  but…

  1. Far too often, once you are under contract and the house is under construction, you discover that many of the things that are included in the contract are quite basic, or too tightly budgeted, or just not designed the way you want. Now the builder is talking about change orders, and oh boy, are they expensive… Now you are facing a big budget overrun.
  2. The builder made statements about ‘commercial grade’ or ‘that will be up to standard’, but you discover that it was not up to your standard. For example, your floorboard is warping now that it got wet, even although it was ‘build to code’.  Too late now or at least way to expensive to replace the whole thing.
  3. You live in your new house, and you quickly discover that now that you see it with your own eyes, you would like to make changes. “If I ever would have to do this again, I would make the following changes…

The solution seems obvious:

  1. if only you would could be dealing with a builder that would have spend more time exploring your wishes up into the details upfront, thus avoiding most of these expensive change orders afterwards
  2. if your builder would have explained the difference in quality grade for almost everything up front, and not hide his choice for ‘standard’ (but much cheaper) materials so that it would have been up to you, a cost versus quality decision only you should make…
  3. if your builder would have taken you through a thorough, but very dosed process of education regarding your options, so that it never became overwhelming, but extremely unlikely that you would ‘do it different if you would have to do it over again’….

Then you would need to find a quality custom home builder that is known to follow a very rigorous, customer friendly process of education, designing and constructing someone’s dream home.

Here at Foreman Builders we like to be that builder, and we have been incorporating all elements of this solution into our system, so much that we dare to say:

“Using our signature process we educate three times as much so that homeowners can be 100% confident that they can express all their wants and needs essential for designing and building their dream home without any hidden surprises.”

Besides having an awesome team staffed around these needs, the big difference that makes us different from our competitors is our signature system. And using that system is like being a top surgeon who despite having performed a certain type of surgery hundreds upon hundreds of times, will still go through his check lists and preparatory steps before the surgery. It is that discipline and attention to detail that made this surgeon the top of his trade.  So it is with Foreman Builders and our signature system: despite having build dozens of award winning homes and having them delivered to grateful completely satisfied clients, we will stick to following our signature system.

So what is our signature system? Here is a visual:

The Foreman System

Let’s walk through this model step by step. It takes a client from point A, from not knowing where they want their home, nor how it will look, nor what the financial picture is going to be, and a fear of hidden bad surprises to point B, where they have happily moved into their dream home, which is exactly what they wanted, and more, after an exciting journey to get there.

  1. Educate (Location, Financial and understanding building options)

Starting in the Education phase, we will discuss the location of the lot so you can determine the pro’s and cons.  What your financial options are and how we build. We call this the education phase, because not only do we feel we like to have an educated homeowner, which helps build the relationships and trust. But it is this education that gives the homeowner a much better shot at actually getting the home they really want.

  1. Design (Consult, Selecting a Floor Plan, Final Floor Plan)

The next phase is the Design phase, we will sit down with you and Consult you on your wants and needs on the design of the custom home.  We then help you find a floor plan that gets in the direction of what you need, followed by having our CAD designer work up a few options in floor plan and elevations formats. This is an added visual impression that our clients appreciate.

  1. Build (Selections, Staying on Schedule, Keys in Hand)

The last phase of the process is the ‘Build’. First, We will walk over the lot to steak out the location and position of the home. During, we provide a personal helper to guide you through the selections of all aspects of your home. Meanwhile we are building and keeping the project on schedule with our online database, which keeps all parties in the loop regarding the construction. Finally, there will be three walk through’s, which is essential to a custom home, to discuss locations of every detail of the home. Each walk through the home is at different phases: Rough In, Finishing, and final punch.

From the moment a client calls, they will see this process in action.

There is a separate process for our extensive warranty, which we will explain, in another blog.

Are you in the market for building a custom home? If so, here is an interesting choice you can make: are you going to work with a builder that can explain how their system will prevent the unpleasant surprises we started this article with, or do you go for a simpler approach of who-ever seems to offer a lower price and just smiles about the ‘details we worry about later’…

If you want it done right and are looking for a quality customer home builder that will take you through a thorough system to create your dream home, contact us @ 540-678-3835 homes@

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